Monaco Grand Prix: Onboard With Robert Kubica In 2010


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Opis: Seven years after his life-threatening rally crash, Robert Kubica is officially back in F1 as Williams' development driver. To celebrate, we revisit one of the Pole's finest moments - a breath-taking demonstration of skill and daring, playe .


Monaco Grand Prix: Onboard With Robert Kubica In 2010

- jazda na milimetry
- The best
- Engine sounds is insane
- What a lap! No fear driver and amazing result in.. Renault Clio.. bwoah!!!
- Forza Kubica ❤️🏎️🏎️🏎️❤️👊
- This is sad that drivers like Kubica don't drive in F1 but someone like Mazepin has a team because of money his bring to Haas 😕 sad...very sad
- Hustling a midfield car to 2nd somehow looks faster than a pole lap in the best car.
- Wall: exists
Kubica: Full Throttle
- WOW! Incredible lap
- One week to Monaco and i watch this... and mazepin is in F1 and this guy not?
- Tu macie więcej tu - adwokat w Lublinie, moim zdaniem OK.
- Jak on lubiał takie tory, gdzie margines błędu równał się zero.
- eeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeee eeee eeeeeee
- Robercik nasz kochany ❤️
- YouTube Gave Me This As A Recomandation
- Hamilton is lucky Kubica got fuked by injuries
- The most gifted driver ive seen since the schumacher days. Such a shame about his injury
- Robert Kubica driver błyskawica
- If he hadn't of had his accident I say he would have had at least one championship
- No surprise he's giga
- FORZA Robert !