Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira (Moldova) - Run Away (Eurovision Song Contest 2010)


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Opis: powered by http;// Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira gave one of the most energetic performances of this year's Eurovision Song Contest with their song Run Away. They were rewarded for it and brought back a Final qualification .


Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira (Moldova) - Run Away (Eurovision Song Contest 2010)

- I am proud my country created a popular meme 🤩
- And then the radio word game called stinky pinky on love line with dr drew came out and used this tune for a theme song. Thats why were really here lol. Stinky pinky is a rhyming word game where ypu come up with 2 words that dont rhyme. like for example if you say smelly finger the objective of the host is to come up with 2 words that mean the same thing as what you said but rhyming so the answer would be stinky pinky. Great game lmfao
- Sergey stepanov only legends know who he is
- Still here in 2021 😎🤟🏽🎷❤️
- Wait so this was by some ppl that live in Moldova? My whole life was a lie
- 2021 anyone? No? Ok
Serghei Stepanov
We love you Legend
- Everybody talking about the epic sax guy but why is noone mentioning the epic violin guy? 😻
- Gandalf brought me here.
Wise is the grey...
- Moldova has two legendary songs, this song for the epic sax guy and Dragosetea Din Tei or the Numa Numa Yae song
- Jak coś możecie też i tu szukać dla mnie ciekawe.
- and thus, a legend was born
- 11 years later the song and the meme still hold up
- here we go my country
- who here from 2021
- barney
- Epic sax dude is very chill
- wait that's not right. That girl cut off the Sax Guy.
- Before Run away - Super Sax Guy
Run Away - Epic Sax Guy
Hey Mamma - Ultra Sax Guy (We're here)
??? - Mega Sax Guy
??? - Ultimate Sax Guy
??? - Legendary Sax Guy
- this music is simply great!
- the girl cheated on a lot of boys and its christmas so santa would say "your the ho ho ho!!!"