The woman whose cells never die - 6 Minute English


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Opis: Henrietta Lacks made an amazing contribution to medical research which has only recently been recognised. Rob and Georgina discuss her remarkable story. This week's question: Do you know what other medical breakthrough happened in 1921? W .


The woman whose cells never die - 6 Minute English

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- We can watch the movie "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" starred by Oprah Winfrey. God bless. 💕
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- Thanks for this information but I wonder how does her cell work? Does it mean that scientists freeze her cell in a lab and then take it out to study whenever they need or something else like this?
I am thankful if someone gives me a clear explanation.
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- Her cells have been using without permissions from her family, and her family gained almost nothing from her cells. 😞
- What's the point of telling us that she was a descendant of slaves??
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- This case is really interesting, thanks a lot for each topic that you put every day.
- Really remarkable woman, with her cells a lot of deals are did. Especially insulin, help for women (which can't get pregnant).
That is really honorable for her.
We need respect such people, whose things are helpful for world.